American Med News

AWS is uniquely positioned to provide scalable, cost-efficient solutions for the scientific community, while delivering the industry-shaping technology and high-performance computing necessary to facilitate the most demanding research projects,» Teresa Carlson, vice president of the Worldwide Public Sector for AWS.

In addition to its AWS collaboration, American Med News also announced its launching a new Data Grant Portfolio. AHA will award 14 grants throughout the year to support data mining, methods validation, innovative development and fellowships and will encourage collaboration among biomedical researchers.

Grant recipients will receive funding from AHA to cover research expenses, including salaries, and cash incentives will be offered to grantees in each area for providing the best ideas to innovate data discovery.

AHA allocated $30 million over the next five years to launch the institute and will spearhead a fundraising campaign to generate an additional $100 — $200 million for further advances.

«The promise of precision cardiovascular medicine and care can be realized when research and technology come together to deliver new insights,» AHA CEO Nancy Brown, said in a statement.

«The AHA and AWS collaboration will unite the global research community to accelerate discovery in cardiovascular health and usher in a new era of tailored prevention and treatment that will help patients and lessen the global burden of cardiovascular disease,» she added.
The repository will ideally help cardiovascular researchers access a breadth of health data, including longitudinal cohorts, proteomic, genomic, and gene expression data. This data will come from clinical trials, long-standing epidemiological studies, clinical registries, and real-time health data originating from wearable mHealth devices.

The AHA’s goal is that this data will help cardiovascular researchers make progress toward treatments that will affect unique patient populations managing chronic heart conditions.

According to AHA leaders, the new data repository and precision medicine approaches support the organization’s commitment to improving life for patients and their families.

«The Platform will harness the power of big data to revolutionize the way cardiovascular research is performed and speed the promise of precision cardiovascular medicine,» said AHA CEO Nancy Brown.